Interior Finishes In Montgomery County

Add the finishing touches to your space

Crowning Molding in Montgomery County

Long, ornate moldings, often with a curved profile to tidy up the transition between the wall and ceiling.

  • Covers cracks between the wall and the ceiling

  • Increases home value

  • Eliminates wall and ceiling irregularities

  • Provides an elegant touch to finish a room

  • Comes in 7 different types (Plaster, Solid, Wood, MDF, Polyurethane, PVC, Flex, Polystyrene)

  • Never goes out of style!

Our Interior Finishing Services in Montgomery County


Cover the gap between your floorboards and walls, creating a smooth, elegant transition.

Window Trim

Decorative molding or framing around a window to cover the space between the window frame and the wall.

Interior Door Trim

Door casting that is both decorative and useful in enhancing the look of the door in any room.

Chair Rail

Helping to protect your walls from chair damage while also adding style to your rooms.

Cap Rail

Enhance the elegance of your stairs, increase the safety of going up and down, and wow guests.


Protect your wall from chair or table damage, scuff marks, or other damaging elements.

Common Interior Finishing Questions

What is interior trim work?

Interior trim work is the molding used for the finishing touches on window frames, doors, walls, floors, and ceilings. An inexpensive way to add style & elegance to your room.

How much is labor for interior trim?

The cost of your interior finish trim will depend on the scope of work, the number of rooms you wish to update, and the selection styles of materials used. Typical jobs will range from $350 to $570. On a per linear foot range, it can be around $4.50 to $6.

What is the difference between trim and baseboards?

Baseboards describe the board at the bottom of the wall connected to the floor. Trim is a broader term that covers the areas around a door, windows, ceilings, etc.

Does trim work add value?

There are so many options for finishing trim! You can add charm, style, and elegance to improve the value of your home, without a large investment.

What finish is best for interior trim?

One of the most popular finishes is semi-gloss. This works great for baseboards, moldings, cabinets, and doors. It is perfect for rooms or hallways that get a lot of wear and tear from high traffic. It’s a great combination of durability and style.

What is the difference between trim and molding?

Trim is the broader, general term to describe the materials around doors, windows, floors, and ceilings. Molding is decorative and elegant and provides visual separation between the wall and ceiling.

Is trim installed before or after flooring?

Baseboards are typically installed before the flooring goes in. You will leave a gap at the bottom of the baseboards for the flooring to be slid underneath.

What finishes increase home value?

The best trim finishes for added home value are window and door trims. These add that extra touch to the interior look.

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